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Introduction of


KeepCloud cloud solution to store easily, edit and share all kinds of data (documents, notes, calendars, address books, photos, music, applications).

KeepCloud allows you to store your data and be able to share in a secure and available space 24/24.

KeepCloud is an alternative to Dropbox, Flickr, Google Calendar and Google Contact and many others ...








your data may be scattered in different places... you can gather all the information in one solution that gives you unlimited mobile access.

Wherever you are, KeepCloud follows you everywhere ...


your data in safe place

You are not protected from some events that are external ... laptop theft ... problem on your computer.

KeepCloud allows you to store your data in a secure and available space 24/24.


Overcome barriers of distance ...

Instead of sending your files by email, share documents, calendars, address books, photos and media directly from KeepCloud.

Share files with other users KeepCloud or send links via email to your contacts are not yet registered.

Accessible to all

KeepCloud supports synchronization of your data across most devices and operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android).

Calendars, address books, files can be accessed anywhere

controlled sharing

Share your files with friends, colleagues and give them access to edit or not your documents, check your photo album ... in there specifying a password or an expiration date.

Sync all your accounts

KeepCloud gives you the ability to repatriate your data to your Dropbox account, Amazon, Google Drive, FTP ... in a few moments.

You can choose to use only KeepCloud to meet all your accounts in one single interface while keeping your data where you want it ...

Share files

Share your creations, your documents that you want in a few moments.

Your collaborative documents

Get instant access to a suite of tools that promote collaboration and editing your documents despite distance that separates you.

Sync you data

Synchronize your contacts, sync your calendars, sync your bookmarks...

Your photo albums

Take a picture with your phone, it will automatically load if you wish, on your cloud space in your gallery. So you can share your best moments in an instant without worry to.

Edit your files

You absolutely have to edit a file, you can edit your documents, notes ... with your cell phone, your computer simply install applications provided with KeepCloud.

Enjoy your mobile office ...